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Here at Solar Panels Devon we install solar photovoltaic Panels. We are based in Plymouth and cover all of Devon from Biddeford to Torquay and every were else. We use many different make panels from Canadian Solar to Sharpe panels to pure black panels, and in roof tiled panels which are very good if you’re in a conservation area. We install for the Domestic and Commercial customer. If you’re looking for advice and want to find out how much it costs please contact us and we will give you a free no obligation quote there’s no pushy salesman here. When our survey comes round he will give you a quote and leave it with you. You’ll be amazed at how little it cost to have solar panels installed

on your roof and what great savings you can have. Jump on the band wagon and get solar Panels fitted it is the future Solar Panels do provide a very green and renewable source of free electricity. The government has introduced a financial incentive called a feed in tariff scheme This makes having solar panels for your home extremely attractive and a good long term financial incentive.

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FITS also known as Feed in Tariffs

The feed in Tariffs which is backed by the Government gives you 14.9p per kWh for the electricity that your Solar Panels produce and you get 4.6p extra per kWh for any unused electricity that you have generated and exported back to the national  grid. As well as reducing Co2 Emissions and saving the planet.

With Energy prices continually increasing this means that investing in solar panels for your home is a good  investment that you shouldn't pass by. The feed in tariff scheme is backed by the government and gives you a good incentive.

The Governments feed in Tariffs is the best incentive for renewable energy. Solar Energy is one of that fastest growing industries in the UK .

Look around you everyone is having Solar Panels. The Feed In Tariff is being reduced every 3 months and will eventually disappear. Soon as you get your panels installed then you will be guaranteed that rate which is index linked so can only go higher for 20 years. This is why Solar Farms are being produced not because its green its because there is good money in it.