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Direct or indirect solar energy generated from the sun can be altered into electricity via varied alternatives.  Being a renewable energy it contributes to the growth of plants (biomass) by means of photosynthesis that are used as fuel consisting of woods.  Evidently fossil fuels are derived from the organically primitive plant life.  Fuels are also source of alcohol or methane that can be extracted from biomass and biogas.  Therefore, the entire process is interconnected from the utilization of solar energy to deriving the biogas component.  It is very cost-effective and dependable for many power needs on farms and ranches.

Currently there are plenty of companies engaged in installing the solar PV.  A solar installer embarks in installing the solar panel for business and domestic use.

Solar panels are an electricity system which is also known as solar photovoltaic (PV).  This particular photovoltaic module is enclosed with innumerable number of solar cells. The solar panel is mounted on a supportive structure capturing the solar energy for domestic and commercial uses. Solar energy is a much cheaper source of energy which can be sold to the grid if the panel is producing more energy than required by us.  The solar panel is electrically connected helping to capture the solar energy and dispersing it to the houses and the commercial units. It is electrically connected to derive the required output voltage and to supply a preferred current capability using most waterproof connections.

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Solar energy is a vital part of our day to day living where the importance enhances with the introduction of solar energy.  Solar energy is a boon to the environment as the electricity generated from it can be termed equivalent to green electricity, it is a renewable energy and does not emanate any toxic carbon dioxide or other noxious waste.  An ideal home solar PV can save over a ton of CO2 per year causing an immense benefit in maintaining the ecological balance securing the earth the harmful pollutants.

Solar energy is the way forward bplaying an important part in generating electricity. It is also used as water heaters for domestic and commercial purposes, and batteries can be charged with the aid of solar power including car batteries.  Solar crop drier is also a cheap, simple and hygienic means to dry the crops. Thus solar energy if generated and properly utilized can be a major boon to the society as well as the atmosphere.